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“In Vain” is a brand new single from WITHIN TEMPTATION’s seventh studio album RESIST, out on February 1st 2019.

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After two decades, WITHIN TEMPTATION is ready to break with the past. Following up the release of HYDRA in 2014, the new musical era of WITHIN TEMPTATION has never been stronger as RESIST brings a futuristic take on metal to the table. “We were done with orchestras and classic metal riffs. We’ve done it a thousand times before! This time we’ve expanded our horizon and gave our creative writing process a new blast”

RESIST is an utterly distinctive metal record that takes inspiration from our modern and future society – both musically and personally – and casts it into mind blowing arrangements and dark melodies. Stay tuned for February 1st, 2019.

Director: Scott Kennedy
Company: 12 Inch Media

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