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Soulja Boy is one of the most important figures in the last 10 years of hip hop but he is routinely denied the credit he deserves. He’s kept a lower profile the past few years after a massive blast of publicity due to a couple of high profile beefs but he came through and hung out with me and we had a great conversation about where he’s at in life and how far he’s come. Enjoy!

0:25 Do you have your own weed brand
1:12 An average day in soulja boys life
1:43 Do you stream on twitch/ do you ever get banned
1:55 What games do you play on there
2:41 Red Dead Redemption II
3:20 Lean
4:55 Wilding out online and needing to take a break
8:40 Who do you socialize with these days
9:03 Beef with Lil Yachty, Migos, Akademiks and Southside
24:27 Being an originator in terms of recording style and releasing music
27:38 How do you feel about the new generation of rappers?
29:50 Do you feel like any of the rappers you helped in the past grew to be disloyal
31:21 Could you see yourself forming a label in the future
33:20 New music with Riff Raff
34:27 Workout and sleep routines
35:05 6Ix9ine Situation
36:13 How much of your music is freestyling
37:05 Being one of the artists to inspire No Jumper
38:23 Do you feel disconnected with the current hip hop scene
40:20 Soulja Boy challenge
42:19 Your Facebook page
43:40 Do you really own a subway
45:03 Are you really launching a game console
47:30 Justin Bieber Trapped in the hood
48:47 Your viral in the hood moment
50:43 “King”
51:06 Are you living your best life?
53:40 Have you had a serious relationship in the past few years



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