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I have spent a lot of time disappointed in myself and resenting my past failures instead of looking forward. I resented everything I was doing and what started as a formula of love through music started feeling like a formula of business and repetitiveness. I let other people’s thoughts and actions dictate how I was going to live my life instead of approaching my opportunities in a positive way and realizing that it was never even up to them. I let drugs and alcohol in to try to calm my demons only to set them on fire. I let anger overtake my thoughts. I’m here to say that I’ve worked through a lot of that and I am truly striving to be a better me. Stand with me or at least stand for yourself and know that whether you are at the bottom or the top the only true path to happiness is finding love and letting that love have all the power over the rest. I’m not looking for a pity party or even a second chance. You and I are all entitled to new beginnings. Whether you find your way to a better you today or tomorrow, less stress, more love! – SoMo