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Hey guys this is an official lyric video for my new song Gucci Slime Shop Yay guys! Watch Life of a Slime Scammer (Gucci Slime Shop skits) → Join the SLoth Squad→ My 2nd channel vids→

Merch & Song Store goes live Dec 15th! #GucciSlimeShopSong

Special Shoutout and thank you to everyone who commented their lyrics ideas and namely those below who inspired the lyrics you are the best guys!

# JollyJJ friends4life
Oral_InfinityX oof
Emmy_ :-/
SistersSo Random
Dulce Garrido

Produced and engineered by Hugo Castillo @ The Tone Factory Recording Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Guitar & Keybord – Hugo Castillo

Video Editor – valentinvoicu26

Super special thank you to Sedona’s dad! Without him the song would not be reality

Thank you guys so much for your love and support!
We love you!
Sedona & Veronika, Timmy, Sedona’s Dad 💖💖💖😍


I am nine years old and love to make videos with my mom. I collect squishies and I love sloths, slime, singing and Tik Tok!

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