Rick Ross-
YMCMB, Double M G
We rich forever
Maybach Music!

Walkin through the crib you can hear the waterfalls
Like the projects out in Philly bumpin “Im a boss”
If im feelin shorty you know ima floss
Did my thing in the summer my money summersault
Now im at the dealer with the worst credit
Got a yellow carat now I smoke lettuce
Let her count my bread she a bank teller
Can you keep a secret Im a rich n-gga?
Got the new ghost in the drop 2
Thats 800 racks when I stop through
Dealin with the same team talkin way back
Now I deal with big cream theme maybach
Shes a thoroughbred, so her bags new
Welcome to the fam that’s a 100 rack move
All in a duffel baby you could call it yours
Countin all day now I call it chores
You inherit real estate when you stay in line
Can you imagine even livin in my state of mind?
Strawberry swisher sweets with my aAston ..
Bumpin slim dunkin tryin to live this life of mine

Chorus (Bruno Mars)- Mirror on the wall Here we are again (yeah)
Through my rise and fall (uh)
You’ve been my only friend (yeah)
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here Talking to each other again?.


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