We drop a kilo on yo head n-gga
F-ck around and end up missing
Drop top off the coupe
The brains on this bitch missing
Drop some purple on yo head n-gga
You f-ck around and come up missing
Drive a brand new new Bugatti n-gga
And my roof done came up missing

[Verse 1: Big Bank Black]
I ain’t seen em, have you seen em?
Hell naw that boy he missing
Last time a n-gga saw him
He was on worldstar dissing
Heard he disrespect the fam
Tried to go against the mob
His momma said 7:30
Was the last time she saw him (have you seen him?)
Heard they kidnapped the boy
But it could be a rumor
Investigation crime scene
They found the body by colmer
His partner down the road sending death threats and shots
He plugged in in that system get ya snapped for a dot
A 20 dollar car maker young n-gga go hard
But when a cell phone knock
Can get you left on a yard
You go f-ck around and f-ck around and f-ck around, get missed
It’s the first and the last time I warned you by this


[Verse 2: Future]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Hundred round that chopper n-gga, hundred round that chopper
36 ounces and its loaded
36 ounces get you smoking
Like a bag of dope (pookie) (yeah, yeah)
I get you this on the cake
You don’t run it up, cut your foot off
I get you this key, go flip em
Than go f-ck around cut your hands off
A half a gram of molly knock your man off
A whole brick of boy they knock your fam off
They turnt up round my way,
They turnt up round my way
They pulling up and spraying everything,
They pulling up and spraying everything
They gon flip your top for a whole thing


[Verse 3: Young Scooter]
I had to realize these n-ggas talking like hoes
How yo pussy n-gga gang go get they brains exposed
N-ggas know like a know, never cross family and folks
And it’s off with your head we make them f-ck n-ggas fold
We hear them f-ck n-ggas dissing, think we ain’t paying attention
Future ain’t gotta respond, just know we sending them killers
Drop the top on the coupe, you wanna be in the loop
Just know the circle too tight, we don’t f-ck with n-ggas like you
A bag of that gas, it’ll make a young n-gga smash
For a brick and a half n-gga wipe out your whole fam
So keep it cool lil n-gga, what you do lil n-gga
Follow rules lil n-gga and salute lil n-gga




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