NEW VIDEO - ( Everything - Passenger )

Passenger has premiered the video for “ Everything ”, a song that belongs to his latest album “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea”.

Michael David Rosenberg (born 17 May 1984), better known by his stage name Passenger, is an English folk-rock singer-songwriter. Previously the main vocalist and songwriter of Passenger, Rosenberg opted to keep the band’s name for his solo work after the band dissolved in 2009.

Watch the video ( Everything – Passenger ) and tell us what you think!


Everything - Passenger


LYRICS - ( Everything - Passenger )

When you got nothing
Freewheeling and free falling you go
When you got nothing you’ve got something to prove
Then you get something
Something that you’ve always dreamed about
When you got something you’ve got something to lose

They take everything
They take your spark
They take everything
They break your heart
They take everything
Oh cause nothing’s ever something
Until you lose everything

Before you got everything
You’re flying high, you don’t wanna come down
But something stirs down in your soul
If everything is nothing
Til you got someone to share it with
Somebody to have somebody to hold

Give ’em everything
Give ’em light and dark
Give ’em everything
Give ’em all your heart
Give ’em everything
Oh cause nothing’s ever something
Until you give everything

Cause nothing’s lost forever
Yeah when some things never change
You know that anything is better
When you’ve got love
You’ve got everything
You’ve got everything
Oh oh, everything
Oh oh, everything
Oh cause nothing’s ever something
Until you give everything.

AUDIO - ( Everything - Passenger )