Gary Barlow has released the video for “Since I Saw You Last”, a song that belongs to his latest album, “Since I saw you last.”

Take That singer Gary Barlow, has a new album, fourteen years after his last solo album.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!.

They took my voice
Erased my past
With all that noise
It couldn’t last
With words so cruel
I washed my face
Hoped one day
I’d wake up in a better place
Today I took back what was stolen
And gave new life to what was frozen
One mouth talking
A dead man walking
A thousand faces watched me falling —
I’ve made my peace with what may happen
Accepted I won’t be in fashion
Oh you gave, I got it
Yeh you gave, I got it all back
Since I saw you last
When brothers land
And take what’s good
You can win a war
Oh, and shed no blood
Everybody plays their part
Oh we let the haters hate
While everybody’s losing heart
Lying in the longest grass I sit and wait
[Repeat chorus]
I know you heard
My shout for help
For those who stood and watched
Go f— yourself
I know you heard my cry for help
I know you heard I was going through hell
I know you heard I was losing my mind
I know you heard it was a matter of time
I know you heard…

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Gary Barlow