We Are The In Crowd have premiered the video for “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”, a song that belong to his upcoming album “Weird Kids”.

“The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” is the second single from her second studio album, available on February 18, 2014.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!..

(Ow, ooh)

[Verse 1]
I let you get away with thinking you’re the cure.
I think I’m in too deep, it’s time to pull the cord.
You like me more when you think, I’m getting bored.
I hope you’re home the day I tear down the walls.

I won’t settle, settle, settle, you are never gonna hold me down.
So toxic, you ain’t nothin’ but a prick.
I’m the best thing that never happened to you.
Never, never, never, you are never gonna live this down.
Life’s too short, I can’t fake it anymore.
I’m the best thing that never happened to you.


[Verse 2]
Don’t you get sick of only hearing your own voice?
Talk like you’re so damn tough but you’re just a little boy.
You like to think you’ve broke the mold but now I’m sure,
You’ll crack just like the rest when I break your fucking jaw.


(Ooh, hahahaha, ow)

I won’t settle, I won’t settle, I won’t settle.


(Ooh, whoa).

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