2 Seconds Late have premiered the video for “Do not Go”, a song that belongs to her first EP.

“Do not Go” is the first official single from this band from Seville.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!.

If you knew
that my life
seems alone
when you go
I’m crying

I suffer
every time
you say bye
you’re not back
at my door

Not knowing you’re there you appear
your’re my whole life, you calm my fear
I just need you
I know I have to live my life
but I just don’t care and go back to your side

Don’t go …

My eyes hurt
when I see
you won’t wait
next to me
my soul breaks

And I know
my escape
is to live
without you

There’s just one way to be again
the happy girl you met one day
Oh I’ll try

I’m sorry that I love you
I can’t stand it any longer

Just go …..

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