N-gga, I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’ (x3)
I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
N-gga, I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’ (x3)

Brown bag with that work, strapped up with that Nina (got to)
Bad bitches with me, molly and Aquifina
Money don’t mean nothing, n-ggas don’t feel you when they see you
My whole ‘hood love me, but now a n-gga wanna touch me

(Repeat first part)

[Verse 1]
N-gga, I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
Ridin’ ’round through East Tremont
N-gga, I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
Ridin’ ’round with that Nina
Ridin’ ’round with that AK, that HK, that SK
That beam on the scope
Window down, blowin’ smoke
N-ggas frontin be broke
Try shit ’round me, gon’ get smoked
That gun automatic, my car automatic
Ain’t worried ’bout nothin’


[Verse 2]
Money don’t mean nothin’ (nada), bitches don’t mean nothin’ (nada)
Come here with your hand out, n-gga I don’t owe you nothin’ (nana)
I’m ridin’ round with that work, Max lost trial I’m hurt
I’ll ride through Mott Haven, I’ll ride through Castle Hill
You know that Coupe half a million, f-ck how n-ggas feel
Cause I ain’t really worried ’bout nothin’, my n-ggas ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
Ain’t worried ’bout nothin’




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