I can take you to a new world
Take your problems away
Tell me what you wanna do girl
Just come right this way
I’ll never need a new girl
Cause you’re here to stay
Let me show you what i’ll do girl
And you’ll never leave
You want me, girl you know you want me
You want me , you want me
Girl you know you want me, right.
Go, right, go, right.
Girl, you know you want me, right.
When you said that you love me
Yeah, I said that i love you too
Let you know that you’re lovely
Flowers for nothing just for you
You know i gotchu untill the whole world end
You know I gotchu, won’t you come
And be my girlfriend
Cause you’re scared to fall, but
you won’t spread your wings
You know it’s hard to fly
When you ain’t try new things
And I’ma be the one to make
You smile for a minute
Put your head down
Put it down for a minute
Baby, maybe this sounds crazy
Just thinkin bout ya,
thinkin bout ya
I just need a, I just need a lady
Girl you know you want me, right.


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