[Verse 1: Melanie Fiona]
If only you knew all the love I had inside
If only I told you
That you were my greatest pride
If only I showed you just how good you made me feel
Maybe I wouldn’t be alone and you would be right here but
I don’t wanna do it over
The first time has gone away
You can’t rewrite the past
All I can do is say

This time, I’ll do it much better
Love you like I never
Ever loved you before
Oh baby, now this time
I’ll give you my heart and soul
And every drop of my love
If you say yes I’ll give you my best
This time

[Verse 2: Melanie Fiona]
This time, I’m gonna be stronger
This time I’ll do it all the way
This time I’ll be a better woman
This time I won’t get in my own way
I could go back you never would have gone
If I knew then what I know now
I’ve told you all that I feel for you in my heart
In my head I know what I should’ve said
I know what I shoulda did
But I don’t wanna do it over
The first time is gone away
You can’t rewrite the past
All I can do is say


[J. Cole]
If looks kill then Melanie you a felony
We both hot I guess we couldn’t take the jealousy
All in my ear I had my homeboys telling me
How to be a player, we fell off like Bill Bellamy
MTV shhh, we used to watch Law and Order, NBC shh
But now I’m watching solo on some empty seat shit
Thinking of you, I got a lot more drinking to do
Reminiscing, though I seen it coming
Yeah I had a premonition
Right beside each other and somehow it felt distant
Lets rewind back when days sunny like Liston
Smile just glisten, your booty like a cushion
Is this the moment where we making up
And realise we tripping forever breaking up
And then I break you off, put you to sleep know its deep
When the girl of his dreams is the same one to wake him up



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