Watch the real n-ggas celebrate
All the real n-ggas selling weight
Watch the real n-ggas celebrate

I swear to God, that’s on my kids
Every day that I’m alive, I gotta live
For every gangster ever died or did a bid
Where I’m from, when n-ggas ride, they killin’ quick
Flipping bricks, counting money — so repetitious
Highly decorated gangster, so keep a distance
Swear to God, that’s on my kids, better mind your business
Five grand’ll get you killed, what’s a life sentence?
Life sentence, huh!

[Verse 1]
I’m paranoid cause I’m in the Porsche
In the projects, sitting on a brick of boy
I swear to God, this dick could change your life
So grab your bags, it’s time to catch a flight
I levitate on all these pussy n-ggas
I never hate on all these pussy n-ggas
My tax bracket on some other shit
I could put you on that mothership


[Verse 2]
Start winning, n-ggas wanna whisper in the dark
Spray the driver’s side window when the Lincoln park
I think these n-ggas out here reading lips
Salty, we the only n-ggas eating chips
Gotta separate from all these pussy n-ggas
You could never hesitate and you’s a pussy, n-gga
We started off dead broke
Now I got forty million in a f-cking yoke
I got four million in my boat
All jokes aside, a few million in my ho
Double M, know the G’s, n-gga
Or Colombians, sipping mojitos with leaves, n-gga


[Verse 3]
Rose-gold Jesus, rose-gold watch
All-black Ghost, all-black Glock
Three new flows, that’s off top
All white squares, the city on lock
I swear to God, I need a hundred m’s
‘Til the day I die, I plan to represent
Hold your heads high, we had a nice run
Let the bankers know we have just begun
I broke the mold; my total assets
Will get you assholes left in the past tense
I broke the mold in every aspect
I’ll get you assholes left in the past tense



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