Bend your back, flip your shoulders, drop your head
Bust it open if you love it like you say you love it, baby girl
Show me some, girl (show me some, girl)
Got that back bent, shoulders drug and got it bust open
Saying “if you won’t it come and get it, Gucci Mane, show me!”
Show me some, girl (show me some, girl)

[Verse 1]
You know I’ll do it, sure I’ll do it
Show me some, girl. Call me Gucci Mane La Flare
My name went down around the world
Buy you diamonds, buy you a purse
Potential to be my “Gucci Girl”
Take you to the Gucci store
They call that shit the “Gucci World”
Word: in the Louis shop you’ll be my Louis girl
Buy you Louis, buy you Prada cause you look just like a model
We’ll be poppin’ bottles? Naw! We’ll be poppin’ cases
Gucci Mane La Flare got lawyers to fight all the cases
$100,000 car, 50-carat bracelets
Half a million for the chain, Gucci Mane crazy!
Pull up in an ’08, looking like a stingray
Then calamarr’ in my brand new Ferarr’
Sorry, stepping on your fins with my Maurras
Got a nasty model cause it ain’t about the dorras
Staring, staring, it’s apparent that they staring
Baby girl, cause I’m fresher when I’m glaring


[Verse 2]
Shorty want to marry me
Say she don’t have sex casually
Don’t want to be a casuality
Got a faculty, got more Magnums than an infantry
Baby, that’s the penalty and trapping is just energy

Gucci Mane La Flare, you can call me “Guccirace”
Million-dollar shine: call me “Gucci Dibiase”
Like Ted Dibiase, put you in a “figure-4”
Gucci Mane La Flare: my car is on some 24s

Got them 4’s on the Maserati
O, kimosabe
Got them bitches in the lobby
And they waiting on Guccirace

I got 4’s on the Maserati
O, kimosabe
Got them bitches in the lobby
And they waiting on Guccirace.


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