I’m not a singer or a star
It’s more simple my love
I’m a number

I’m not a planet or a car
I don’t play with your soul
I’m a number

I don’t feel I don’t cry
I don’t look after you
I’m a number

I’m not a child or a sinner
I won’t be mean and rude
I’m a number

You, you’re the boss I could be fired
But I lead my alone my life
It’s my crime…that’s my crime
You, you should change your ugly tie
You could fall and could not rise
You’re alone you’re alone

No no no I’m not a superstar
Yeah yeah yeah I’m just a number one
Look at you with your stupid smile
Now we shout we’re all a number one

I’m not a storm or a light
I’m don’t have any home
I’m a number

All I want all I try
Is a world made of smoke?
I’m a number

I could dream I could fly
But they told me “that’s wrong”
I’m a number

I don’t breathe I don’t lie
I don’t have any thoughts
I’m a number

No no no I’m not a superstar….

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