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Yo it’s ya boy Mario Winans,
My girl Sahara,
produced by my man Costi,
baby be mine…let’s go..
Baby are you mine , mine, mine, mine?
and could we live a fairytale together.
I wanna make you mine, mine, mine, mine.
Say you will be miinnneeee.
So baby are you mine, mine,mine,mine?
And could i be your one true love forever?
Let me make you mine, mine,mine,mine?
(won’t you be mine girl?)
Say you’ll be minneeeeee.

I wanna look into your eyes every single t-t-time,
I wanna love you like no one ever has before,
I wanna be there by your side every night and day
and live our own fairytale.
if you were mine, mine, mine every dream will come true (every dream will come true).
Baby your fine,fine,fine
there’s no other but you.
So fine,fine,fine
It was meant to be you,
and you’re all i’ve been waiting to find..

Baby are you mine,mine,mine,mine?
and could we live a faairryytale together?
I wanna make you mine, mine,mine,mine,
could you be miiinneee?
So baby are you mine,mine, mine, mine?…
and could i be your one true love foreeveerr?
Let me make you mine,mine,mine,mine (won’t you be mine girl?)
say you’ll be miinnneee…Baby….

High,high, you make my body hot! you make my body wild!
you got me good my heart is r-r-a-cing,
hot,hot, oh baby don’t you stop! you make my heart go POP…
you got h-e-arrttt you’ve got me spin-n-ning,
hot you make my body hot make …my body wild
you’ve got me good my heart is racing (r-a-acing) hot, ooh ooh ,ooh,won’t you stop?
you make my heart go’ve got me hot you got me spinningg..

baby tell me you need to hold me, find me..
let my love for you take us hiigghhheerr
ooohh, just say that you love meee,
coz im so in love with yoouuuu.
If you told me that you want me, that you love me,
yes i love you and i’ll give you every moooomment…
give my heart to you, give my soul to you,
all my love to yoouuu-oh. (baby won’t you tell me)
Baby are you mine, mine,mine,mine,mine?
and could we live a fairytale toggethherrr?
i wanna make you mine,mine,mine,mine,mine
(say you will be mine girl, i want u to be mine girl, wont u be mine baby?)
So baby are you mine,mine,mine,mine,mine?
(won’t you be, won’t you be my one true love forreverr?)
let me make you mine, mine,mine,mine (won’t you be mine girl)
Say you’ll be miinneeeeee.